3PL message in 2019

January 1, 2019/3PL

From one year to another, much changes – while much remains the same.

In a global, highly competitive marketplace, all 3PL operations face many challenges to sustain and maintain technology advantages, as well as find and keep experienced staff and partners that keep logistics running smoothly. Even through the holiday season, our 3PL wheel never stops turning. As more and more consumers prefer to buy online, so too the orders continue to deliver to our 3PL team, 24/7.

A major trend we’ve noticed is consumers have changing expectations around transit time and traceability.¬†¬†Faster transit times has led 3PL Melbourne to form partnerships with the best freight and postal operations available. In the year ahead, we’ll continue to monitor and add partnerships that we think will help us do better. Traceability of a consumer’s parcel from the moment it leaves our 3PL warehouse is now standard practice, where five years ago it was considered an added extra. As a 3PL operation that is experienced in responding to changes in supply and demand, consumer expectations, cost management and service, 3PL Melbourne’s goal during 2019 is to continue climbing the ladder towards becoming the 3PL industry’s best.

At 3PL Melbourne, we are constantly immersed in new ideas and approaches to 3PL services and in the year ahead, we’ll be doing more of the same. Technology has improved the efficiency of our existing operations and procedures, but it has been our combined years of 3PL experience that have created real service breakthroughs. We are constantly reviewing, investing and reinvesting to stay current and be a leader in our 3PL industry.

2019 is the year we will move to larger premises in Heidelberg from our long-standing home in Murphy St, Richmond. This will dramatically increase our 3PL warehouse space, giving us the opportunity to better manage our 3PL clients’ growth.

From the team at 3PL Melbourne, we wish you all a fantastic 2019, full of love, laughter and many successes.

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