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Choosing your third party logistics partner is an important decision.

The first benefit of working with 3PL Melbourne is, of course, that you don’t have to do everything yourself. But the entrepreneurs who partner with us tell us a more meaningful benefit is that, by outsourcing their third party logistics to us, their time is freed up to focus on their business growth – as well as the money and hassle that 3PL Melbourne saves.

1. No Long-Term Warehouse Leases

If the type of business you own has fluctuating order volume during the year, it makes better sense to work with 3PL Melbourne rather than taking on the commitment of your own warehouse and staff.

Even if you’re not sure about demand, avoid locking yourself into long term warehouse leases by taking advantage of our flexible warehouse pricing. We scale up – or down – warehouse space as your needs require.

If you experience rapid growth, it creates significant stress on your business because you are outgrowing your infrastructure. 3PL Melbourne takes the pressure off because we are equipped to adapt and scale to changes quickly.

2. No Hiring of Staff

Hiring staff is costly, and takes time and effort to manage. By outsourcing your logistics to 3PL Melbourne, you take advantage of our scalable workforce, rather than bearing the costs and effort of employing your own.

3. Focus on your core competencies

We’re sure you didn’t start a business to learn to pack boxes. By partnering with 3PL Melbourne, your time is freed up to focus on what you do best – being an entrepreneur and growing your business. 3PL Melbourne enables you to spend more time on product sourcing, and your sales and marketing.

4. Maximise your Money

Your money is best invested in products and marketing. We can help you maximize efficiencies in logistics.

3PL Melbourne operates on a larger scale than an individual entrepreneur. We have buying power due to volume, so we offer competitive packaging and shipping prices. Plus, by working with us, you’ll avoid incurring costs relating to hiring staff and leasing warehouse space.


The moment that you can’t focus on business growth because you’re too busy packing customer orders, it’s time to call us. Without allowing the proper time to focus on sales and marketing, your business won’t survive for the long term.

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