5 benefits to outsourcing your third-party logistics (3PL)

October 4, 2018/3PL
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With recent growth in technology advancements, and the cost benefits that are inherent in a 3PL model, it has never been easier for a business to gain a competitive and economic advantage by outsourcing their supply chain and logistic requirements. Thus, 3PL Melbourne is a beneficial way for online entrepreneurs to save money, save time and refocus their efforts into innovation or growing their business.  

Rather than storing products at home, entrepreneurs that sell products online can store them in a third-party warehouse. When an order arrives,  3PL Melbourne handles the process – receiving the order, taking the product off the shelf in the warehouse, packing it up and shipping it off. Due to the volume of parcels 3PL Melbourne ships, we enjoy cheaper rates with Australia Post and other freight companies, savings passed on to our entrepreneurs. Most importantly, 3PL Melbourne caters for spikes in demand by employing a casual workforce it can call in at short notice.

3PL Melbourne’s main benefits include:

1. 3PL Melbourne provides cost reductions for a business

The most significant benefit 3PL Melbourne offers is cost reduction. A business will not need to spend money on building warehousing, hiring additional labour, facilitating transportation, and installing various technologies. By partnering with 3PL Melbourne, companies can reduce their costs drastically, while simultaneously freeing up more time to focus on core business initiatives and objectives. This results in better economies in both the short and the long term.

2. 3PL Melbourne allows businesses to focus on other endeavours

In addition to cost reductions, outsourcing products to 3PL Melbourne can allow a business to focus on other requirements of a company, especially a focus on improving innovation, competitiveness and expansion. By outsourcing to 3PL Melbourne, entrepreneurs realise all the benefits of a full-service logistics behind the scenes supporting their growth. We have the technology, logistics facilities, experience and team to handle your peaks in demand, and your market expansion, without requiring your business to set up operation in numerous sites and locations.

3. 3PL Melbourne helps expand market share

Using 3PL can help expand a business’ market share as it enables a business to service a market where it does not have an established presence. By partnering with 3PL, a business can have access to distribution centres in various regions allowing companies to grow quicker and to ship products quicker, resulting in attracting and pleasing consumers.

4. 3PL Melbourne helps implement a smooth supply chain that aligns with business objectives

One of the most difficult aspects of expanding a business is implementing a supply chain that aligns perfectly with business strategies. Foreign regulations and rituals, licenses, customs and language are only few of the obstacles and barriers that a business will face when establishing a global market. 3PLs are uniquely equipped with knowledge, resources and, most importantly, experience to help fill the gap for companies looking to go global without intense knowledge in logistics.

5. Avoid unnecessary mistakes with 3PL Melbourne

Providing you choose an experienced 3PL provider, such as 3PL Melbourne, you will be able to draw on the many years of in-house logistics advice. Every entrepreneur is account managed, we provide timely advice and can help steer you in the right direction. We know the pitfalls and mistakes, which we’ll help you avoid.

The team at 3PL Melbourne is very experienced in finding cost-effective packaging options, so call them to discuss your needs. We acknowledge the importance of building a long-term, sustainable brand is bringing customer back time and time again. Through this, entrepreneur’s can utilise 3PL Melbourne and focus on their own objectives and goals.

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